February 9, 2016

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The Somerset Humane Society Pet of the Week, Presented by Hight Ford

Join Mix 107.9 each Monday for our special "Pet of the Week"
sponsored by Hight Ford

The Somerset Humane Society in Skowhegan will be sharing with us a special animal that is ready to find themselves a new loving family. 

Stop by each week for pictures and information to find a cuddly new furry friend!  Plus, if you adopt their "Pet of the Week" you'll receive a special discount on the adoption fee!




This week's featured pet:  Tabitha!!! 

1.  Type of Pet:  Cat

2.  Breed & Known for:  Domestic Short Hair

3.  Name (pronunciation if needed):  Tabitha

4.  Age:  4 yrs old

5.  Best Fit Home:  Tabitha would fit well into a home with no children.  She does okay with other cats.

6.  Personality Traits:  Tabitha is friendly and loves to play but she does not like to be held or picked up.

7.  Exercise & Grooming Needs:  Regular nail clipping and brushing.

8.  Special Needs & Diet:  Tabitha does not require a special diet.

9.  Skills, Talent & House Broken:  Tabitha is liter trained.

10.  Adoption Cost/Fees:  Sand Dollar's adoption fee is $40.00 at this time.

11.  Misc. Current Shelter Needs:  Cat liter, no dye dry cat food and 30 gallon trash bags. 

             We are also always in need of people to sponsor cat spaying and neutering. This is also a great way to help a specific cat at the shelter if you are unable to adopt.  $80 will spay a female and $40 will neuter a male. 

            New items: laundry detergent; dish detergent; dryer sheets; unflavored pedialyte; gift cards to Bob's Cash Fuel, Staples Walmart, Tractor Supply, Agway, gas stations, etc...; no-dye cat food (Whiskas, Purina Cat Chow Gentle); canned cat food; cat litter; returnable bottles and cans; floor squeegee; push broom and regular brooms/Swiffer; dry erase markers; envelopes, postage stamps; tape. 
           Used items: Washcloths; any bedding, such as comforters; quilts; blankets; sheets; pillows/cases; futon mattresses; bath towels; hand towels; couch cushions; kitchen chair pads; working washers and dryers; any outdoor solar powered lighting; collars; harnesses; leashes; pet clothing; leftover pet medications; baby gates; snow shovels; roof rakes.
Fundraising Events & Public Announcements:
To keep updated daily, please like us at www.facebook.com/somersethumanesociety
Somerset Humane Society will be at the Fab Fair on February 20th.  The Fab Fair is located at the Skowhegan Area High School.  We will be selling t-shirts and handing out small gift bags with samples and information.  There will also be other small businesses selling items and promoting their companies as well.  Be sure to check it out!!!

:  Please remember when you come in to adopt a dog from us, bring a collar and leash with you.  We will need to keep ours for reuse.  Stop in to see all of our cats that have $40 adoption fees.  Extra bonus...anyone that adopts a pet from us and mentions that they heard about us from Mix107.9 will get an extra $5 off the adoption fee.


Thanks to our friends at Hight Ford for sponsoring this great cause.  Hight has been a staple in our community for over 102 years because of their generosity on issues just like this. 

Hight Ford.  Go Further.





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