April 1, 2015

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Wake Up, Juston McKinney!

Wake Up, Juston McKinney!

Every Tuesday at 6:15am with your Morning Mix

Shake off your Tuesday blues and get laughing with our weekly comedian, Juston McKinney!  Juston is a native Mainer, growing up on the New Hampshire-Maine border and working as a deputy sheriff for many years.  In 1997 he turned in his badge, and took to Queens NY.  Over time, he earned spots in such prestigious lineups as Comic Strip Live, Stand-up New York, and Dangerfield's, while also making appearances on 'Comedy Central Presents', 'The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno', 'The King of Queens', and many other shows.


Juston moved back to the familiar New Hampshire land with his wife, kids and dogs. 

Tune in every Tuesday morning to hear Hanson, Verzoni, and Juston riffing on something new in the world, the state, or even our own backyard.  For any questions, comments, or ideas please email us at andrew@mixmaine.com.


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