February 8, 2016

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Listen for the $1,000 February Song, "Heart of Rock and Roll" by Huey Lewis and the News, and be caller #25 at 1-866-649-1079 OR 622-1079 to win the cash! Brought to you by Central ME Medical Center.

Group Therapy

Weekday Mornings @ 7:10am

with Jay & Desiree

Tune in to 107.9 The Mix every day to get your dose of audible medicine!  Jay and Desiree will select a group therapy topic daily, and with YOUR help, we can get quality insight and wise advice for someone in need!  Struggling with a phobia?  Problems with the in-laws?  Or maybe you've got something awkward or embarassing you need off your mind?  Every call helps with Group Therapy! 

If you have a topic you'd like for us to discuss, please email your situation and question to us at andrew@mixmaine.com.  If we select your story, tune in for Jay and Desiree's "expert" advice, and see how your audience might relate to you!





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